Dear Colleagues,
Dear Collaborators,

The 24th Congress of the Romanian Society of Pneumology which will is organized in Poiana Brasov between October 5th-8th 2016 being the natural continuance of the high scientific events that you have all been accustomed already in the previous years; therefore it stays in the responsibility of the organizers to ensure the continuity of values and the promotion of medical novelty.

Pneumology has met a wide development in the last 25 years in Romania. The Romanian pneumologists form an exceptional medical community both from the professional Association’s point of view: the Romanian Society of Pneumology being one of the most active and prolific ones of its kind in the country, and from the point of view of the medical activity: diagnostic and modern treatment according to the international standards becoming already a constant concern of each romanian pneumologist.

What’s new in this manifestation of pneumologists from Romania? Creating new generations of specialists in respiratory diseases is essential for the progress of romanian respiratory medicine. I want to facilitate the transfer of experience to the new generation, to young professionals pulmonologists. What we think is good is not always THEIR GOOD, their need. Although “raised” by us think otherwise, wish otherwise, are doing otherwise. Sometimes the grown-up, “those who know”, would do otherwise – but the young feel and know how to develop in their own way. We just have to support them, to let them fly away to their targets, to their own good.

Thus, the “soul” project that I supported as the Chair of the National Congress took shape: 9G Project – ” New Generation ”project”. For the first time in a National Congress the young specialists will have their own courses and symposium. It is a unique formula, a singular concept so far in romanian pneumology “with them and for them”. I can happily announce that the 9G “Education – Innovation” workshop and symposium will debut this year at the National Congress from Poiana Brasov.

Alongside the young we want the presence of senior pulmonologists – the financial involvement of the Romanian Society of Pneumology is an acknowledgment – modestă – of the merits of these people in the emergence, development and promotion of romanian respiratory medicine, as it presents itself today’s medical world.

The treatment of respiratory diseases is becoming more personalized and involves an increasing number of medical specialties. The Congress theme, “Exacerbations – qvo vadis?”, refers to the suite of exacerbations of lung disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or from asthma and infectious diseases to the idiopathic interstitial fibrosis or lung involvement. This direction is shaped by romanian and foreign specialists in multiple areas of expertise. Modern and current approach of pulmonary pathology exacerbations should be mandatory interdisciplinary! So far, a specialist treat A DISEASE. Now we learn to treat together, doctors from different specialties, A PATIENT in a particular situation and having a certain pathological identity.

Many thanks for the exceptional involvement in organizing this congress to our partners, sponsors, to all my colleagues and to those who represent thereason and the foundation of all our activities: our patients. Quo vadis? – the path is being built now. I invite you to define it and to make it together. I invite you to define and go through it together. Welcome to Poiana Brasov!.

ulmeanuRuxandra Ulmeanu
Congress Chair
President of the Romanian Society of Pneumology